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For the wolves and all who love them,


My essay

There has not been one fatal wolf attack in the lower 48 states on humans in over a hundred years of record keeping! Wolves are the least dangerous of large predators in North America. Yet wolves are still being killed, for no reason at all. There have been more than 452 wolves killed since November 10, 2011. Wolves should be protected because the wolves being killed are destroying the ecosystem, tax dollars are used to pay the people who hunt these wolves, and extinction is a reality. All info was found through howlingforjustice.wordpress.com, Wildlife Department, the local news, and the wikipedia search of Grey Wolves.
Wolves are being gunned down from above, from airplanes, which is illegal. The number of wolves killed from airplanes as of November 10 was 299 fallen wolves on Christmas day of last year 2011. The number right now is above 452 recorded. The numbers may be even higher but it may be even higher. Some have heard that some of these killings have been just been to keep the prey levels at a medium, but there is more than 100,000 elk in a couple square miles. Yet elk numbers are at a record high! Also the government of Alaska also says that they must kill wolves because of the shortage of caribou, moose, and elk. But if you just let it keep going like this the prey will increase and everyone will be all worried about them out of control, but if you just let the ecosystem go and then it would rise and fall naturally. But, apparently, it just has to be perfect but the government killing the wolves is just simply destroying our ecosystem.

Did you know that apparently your tax dollars are being spent to pay hunters to kill these wolves? They also don’t kill the wolves immediately, but they shoot it and it is normally a slow death. The hunters don’t even spare the pups. Sarah Palin had her wildlife department kill 14 wolves from a helicopter, then they got the orphaned pups and shot each one in the head, for no reason. The officials were paid to do this and the average price for a dead wolf is $750 and even more. So this really gets people angry. This is also a clear violation of many state laws.
Even with some wolves left in the wild there is still a worry about extinction. The wolves’ genetic diversity is low causing mutations. These mutations can kill wolves and possibly injure others. This witch hunt has killed more than 450 and more in less than a year. The wolves can die fast if there is no stopping this.
People say wolves kill cattle and murder people. These are mostly rumors from wolf haters. The murders are a lie. The predation on the cattle is almost nothing. The cattle are mostly killed from natural causes, and diseases. These are then used to kill wolves because someone just hates wolves and don’t care if the wolves are killed or not. The wolves are killing wild prey, not livestock. I believe that my argument about saving them is better than the people who want to kill the wolves, because, one, killing is just plain wrong, two, the people who are killing these wolves are only doing it for money, three, the people killing the wolves also have no sense that they might kill of an entire species in the U.S.A, and finally, these people kill a wolf and then go ahead and kill an elk. Well, either you’re out of you’re mind or your just in Alaska, or Idaho.
Wolves should be saved because of the destruction of the ecosystem, the taxes being used in bad ways, and extinction is very bad. Yet even in the midst of one of their darkest hours, there is still hope. Like just today the Montana hunt has been stopped. So take action and stop this hunt. Long live this wonderful species!

The loss continues…

The wolves that have fallen, i weep at their loss, but the number has almsot breached the 500 mark of those who have died, so go to howlingforjustice.wordpress.com and sign the petition to stop the hunt.

Wolf lover,



I love wolves and becuase we hurt and kill them we are the only animal killing people. I want to here the song of the wolves, and hear them howl, not in pain. I want to see a wolve and I may not ever be able to. I will not stop and i will take the shot instead of a wolf. I am not lieing. I want to hear their song, and hope ever person with a true heart does to! LONG LIVE WOLVES!
Wolf lover,

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Long live wolves

They are a wonderous and amazing creature and hope they can live on forever!

For the wolves and all who love them,


Sorry Samuel

Sorry Samuel I have just recently started and had everything ready but the tab accidentally closed. Keep telling others of this slaughter.

For the wolves and all who love them,


Long Live Wolves

Wolves Forever



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